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The Church "Starfish" Expanded Edition CD/SACD (SHIPPING NOW)

The Church "Starfish" Expanded Edition CD/SACD (SHIPPING NOW)

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  • Artist-Approved Expanded Edition 
  • 8 Bonus Tracks Not Included On Original Release!
  • Mastering By Ryan K. Smith at Sterling Sound
  • Hybrid CD/SACD Plays On All CD and SACD Players
  • Super Jewel Box Packaging
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"Under the Milky Way," still one of the most haunting and elegant songs ever to make the Top 40." -All Music

The Church’s Starfish is a dreamy, atmospheric masterpiece, guitar-driven alt-rock before alt-rock was a term. It includes the timeless smash hit “Under the Milky Way,” and “Reptile,” both First Wave staples.

Intervention’s Artist-Approved Expanded Edition CD/SACD is 18-tracks total, including 8 amazing bonus tracks that were not on the original release. These bonus tracks kick off with wonderful acoustic versions of “Under the Milky Way” and “Antenna.” The other tracks are so strong that it’s very apparent that Starfish could have been a potent double LP.

Starfish’s original repertoire is mastered Direct-To-DSD from THE Original Master Tapes by Ryan K. Smith at Sterling Sound. Intervention’s cut presents this amazing recording with FULL bass extension and dynamic power. All of the 8 bonus tracks are Mastered Direct-To-DSD from analog tapes assembled by Ryan K. Smith from separate analog reels.

1 Destination 05:52
2 Under the Milky Way 04:58
3 Blood Money 04:25
4 Lost 04:48
5 North, South, East and West 04:49
6 Spark 03:45
7 Antenna 03:50
8 Reptile 04:56
9 A New Season 02:57
10 Hotel Womb 05:40
Bonus Tracks
1 Under the Milky Way (Acoustic) 04:08
2 Antenna (Acoustic) 03:45
3 Frozen and Distant 03:58
4 Texas Moon 05:45
5 Anna Miranda 03:03
6 Afterlife 04:13
7 We Both Know Why You're Here 02:20
8 Perfect Child 02:54

Release Notes

Format: Hybrid CD/SACD Plays On All CD and SACD Players

IR Catalog Number: IR-SCD6

UPC: 707129301604