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I’m Shane Buettner, Founder and Boss of Intervention Records. IR exists for one simple reason, to produce archive-quality LPs of music we love!

About Better Sound

Intervention's sonic goal is that each record we do is the definitive version of that album, the one real music lovers will seek out. That’s why we work from the original master tapes whenever possible, and always from the very best sources available. We only approve and move forward with our releases when we are confident we will produce the definitive vinyl edition of that recording.

Transparent Sourcing

Premium vinyl reissues are expensive to produce and they cost our customers real money. Customers have a right to know what they're buying! Our commitment to transparent sourcing means that we will always reveal the exact source material used for mastering and who the mastering engineer is, who pressed the records and who printed the jackets. We will always be completely open about the vendors we work with in producing our reissues. We are proud of the way these records are made, and there's reason our records satisfy even the most discerning enthusiasts.

Our customers don't have to look hard for this information-it's on the stickers on the front of every record and on the web page for each and every record on our website. We stand by our commitment so that our customers know that our vinyl will always be the definitive go-to for any title we produce.

While the LPs and the sound are the highest priority, recreating (or in some cases creating anew) the outer package is something we take every bit as seriously. The tactile memories many of us have of our first LPs are the amazing artistic statements of the cover and packaging. I grew up in the LP era and the first record I ever bought with my own allowance money (at 7 years old!) was Kiss Love Gun. An amazing cover that came complete with a faux paper love gun inside. Kiss’ showmanship involved a lot more than makeup!

I have always loved rich, chunky cover art and gatefold jackets that so many artists and artisans labored to create before the CD came along and miniaturized this formerly bigger-than-life experience. This is not at all unlike what happened when so many grand, ornate single-screen movie houses gave way to shoebox-sized multiplexes. Same program material, but a dramatically different sensory experience.

When possible we will upgrade single-jacket releases to beautiful gatefolds, we will create lyrics sheets and other inserts whenever we can but we’ll still store your LPs in the best, most protective inners sleeves. We expect these LPs to last and look and sound as fresh decades away as they do today.

Intervention Records

Why Vinyl? Why Not High-Res Digital?

Records sound the best, period. Vinyl records are the best, most consistent way of producing the emotional thrills and chills that happen when you feel like you’re attending a performance. This emotional sensation can be achieved even with studio recordings when the source allows it, and vinyl playback is the most reliable and durable way to deliver this mainline hit of musical emotion time and time again for decades.

While high-res digital sounds noticeably better than 16bit/44kHz it’s still just better digital. It still doesn’t relax the soul or immerse the listener the way vinyl does, even when the vinyl is sourced from digital masters.

Vinyl Record