The Fantastic Expedition of Dillard & Clark 180G LP (IN STOCK SHIPPING NOW!)

"IT'S NEVER SOUNDED BETTER THAN THIS!" ... not only does this reissue sound better than the original and the two reissues, one by Sundazed and one a Mo-Fi CD from years ago ... I'm hearing things now I never heard before on the original ... a perfect pressing done at Gotta Groove Records in Cleveland, Ohio."

– Michael Fremer


Joan Armatrading 180G LP (SHIPPING NOW!)

"Kevin Gray’s fresh mastering has more of everything. Those Ovation guitars have more texture; Armatrading’s and the backup singers' vocals are more completely fleshed out; already impressive dynamics have an even greater impact; and every instrument is presented in a more tangible, three-dimensional space."


– Dennis Davis

Burrito Supreme Double 180G LP Bundle

"… this record has never sounded this well balanced … A reader asked if I’d assembled a “100 essential albums” list. I haven’t but when I do, this will be on it ..."

– Michael Fremer


Joe Jackson Body and Soul CD/SACD (OUT OF STOCK)

"I feel that the new SACD’s DSD tracks bring me a step closer to what took place in the Masonic Lodge in January 1984. The realism and tonal accuracy of instruments, and the impressive sound of the recording space, are palpable in this new remastering."

– Joe Taylor


Joe Jackson Classics Double LP Bundle (OUT OF STOCK)


"If you are familiar with these albums, the Intervention Records pressings will be a revelation. If you don’t know them, then you are in for a treat."

– Roy Gregory

Starfish Expanded Edition 180G LP (SHIPPING NOW!)

"It sounds absolutely fabulous: every detail of the layered production is sparklingly clear and exquisitely colorful. The vinyl is flat and as quiet as advertised, and the sleeve is heavy and glossy, which is also Intervention's way. If you haven’t heard this edition of Starfish, you haven’t heard Starfish."

 Mike Segretto

Body and Soul 180G LP (PRE-ORDER NOW!)

"Switching from the SACD to the new LP, I got a much stronger sensation of Jackson being in my listening room singing “The Verdict.” His voice was more holographic and immediate throughout the new LP than on the earlier pressing or the SACD."

– Joe Taylor

Summer in the City CD/SACD (SHIPPING NOW!)

"Praise for IR's Summer in the City LP: "I put on side 3 and was sitting in a club in New York, entranced as Jackson played and sang ... An essential purchase for Joe Jackson fans."

 Joe Taylor


"... the SACDs definitely offer a clearer view into the music. You also get a better sense of the group harmonies, with a clearer sense of the other three members of the group’s vocal contributions ... To my ears, this is the best these albums have ever sounded, so if you are an early Frampton fan, these will really make you smile. "

 John Crossett



Frampton@50: In the Studio 1972-1975 Limited Edition Vinyl Box Set (SHIPPING NOW!)

"... everything about this set defines how reissues should be produced ... Chris Bellman cut lacquers at Bernie Grundman Mastering and the lacquers were taken immediately over to RTI for plating. Gotta Groove in Cleveland pressed on 180g black vinyl. The pressings I received were 100% perfect in every way."

– Michael Fremer