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Peter Frampton "Frampton's Camel" 180G LP (SHIPPING NOW!)

Peter Frampton "Frampton's Camel" 180G LP (SHIPPING NOW!)

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  • Artist-Approved Frampton@50 Series 180G LP
  • 100% Analog Mastered From 1/2" Safety Copy of Original Master Tapes
  • Mastered by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering
  • 18" x 12" Vintage Frampton Poster Included While Supplies Last!
  • Beautifully Restored "Old Style" Jacket Printed by Stoughton
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A showcase for Peter Frampton’s growth as a songwriter and guitar player, Frampton’s Camel is named after his touring band, honoring the groove this collective had reached in 1973. Prominently featuring Mick Gallagher’s superlative keyboards, the hard-rocking hooks and catchy melodies here lay the foundation for the superstardom that would come just a couple albums and tours later with Frampton Comes Alive. Camel includes the smash hits “Lines On My Face,” “Don’t Fade Away” and a majestic cover of Stevie Wonder’s “I Believe (When I Fall In Love With You It Will Be Forever).” Camel also introduced the world to the all-time classic rock anthem “Do You Feel Like We Do,” with a songwriting credit to the entire band. This fan favorite has remained a highlight of Frampton’s legendary live performances for decades.


"... everything about this set defines how reissues should be produced ... Chris Bellman cut lacquers at Bernie Grundman Mastering and the lacquers were taken immediately over to RTI for plating. Gotta Groove in Cleveland pressed on 180g black vinyl. The pressings I received were 100% perfect in every way."

(July 21, 2023)

- Michael Fremer

Intervention's Frampton@50 series 180G vinyl reissues are 100% Analog Mastered by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering from the best analog tape sources available.

Intervention worked for months with Universal's archive team, scouring the vaults in the US and UK for the best-sounding tapes . Several sets of tapes, including 1970s-era tape copies, were sent to mastering and evaluated by IR's Shane Buettner and Chris Bellman.

The best-sounding tapes are 1/2" safety copies from the 1990s A&M Safety Program. The "Wind of Change" and "Frampton" safeties are sourced from UK Production Masters, while the "Frampton's Camel" safety is sourced from the Original Stereo Master. These tapes sound sensational, vibrant, detailed and alive. Combined with Chris Bellman's work at the board, and the superbly transparent mastering chain at Bernie Grundman Mastering, legions of fans will hear what Peter and the band really put on tape during this seminal period. Fans will hear bottom-end authority, dynamics and textural details never revealed on any previous edition. These are the definitive versions of these amazing albums that made Peter Frampton one of the greatest artists of his time!

*Intervention would be remiss not to thank (profusely!) professor producer and engineer Keith Hanlon for introducing us to Team Frampton. Keith is adjunct professor of at Ohio University teaching audio/music production, and a long-serving session engineer for Musicol Recording Studios in Columbus, OH.  In 2020, he became the owner/operator of Secret Studio, a recording studio, art gallery and events space allowing artists of all types to connect, share and create. You can find more about Keith and his work HERE.

Side 1
1 I Got My Eyes On You 04:24
2 All Night Long 03:15
3 Lines On My Face 05:00
4 Which Way The Wind Blows 03:33
Side 2
1 White Sugar 03:35
2 Don't Fade Away 04:38
3 Just The Time Of Year 04:00
4 Do You Feel Like We Do 06:41

Release Notes

Format: 180-Gram Single 33 Pressed at Gotta Groove

IR Catalog Number: IR-033

UPC: 680270758070