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Judee Sill Heart Food CD/SACD (SHIPPING NOW!)

Judee Sill Heart Food CD/SACD (SHIPPING NOW!)

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  • Mastered by Kevin Gray At CoHEARent Audio
  • Hybrid CD/SACD Plays On All CD and SACD Players
  • Super Jewel Box Packaging
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The astonishing Judee Sill was the first artist signed to David Geffen’s Asylum Records, and Judee Sill the first album released on the label. Sill’s music is intensely spiritual, redolent of both mysticism and divine imagery, yet grounded by great songwriting and a pure but powerful singing talent. Her songs impart incredible intimacy that is enhanced and not diminished by her sometimes complex string/orchestral arrangements (remarkably Sill arranged and conducted the strings/orchestra on her albums!).

Sill’s life was tragic personally and professionally. Her father and brother were killed when Sill was young, and her tempestuous relationship with her alcoholic (and remarried) mother resulted in her leaving home at 15. She committed robberies and began a battle she was destined to lose against drug addiction. When stardom didn’t follow the critical acclaim of these two albums her career never recovered. Sill was dead in 1979 at just 35. The brevity of Judee’s musical legacy is vastly outweighed by the emotional power in these two extraordinary albums.

Judee Sill and Heart Food are Mastered DIRECT-TO-DSD from the original analog master tapes by Kevin Gray at CoHEARent Audio. The master tapes are in fine shape, and listeners will be blown away by the increased inner detail and three-dimensionality of these achingly gorgeous recordings. 

1 There's A Rugged Road 03:44
2 The Kiss 04:36
3 The Pearl 01:55
4 Down Where the Valleys are Low 03:50
5 The Vigilante 03:50
6 Soldier of the Heart 03:34
7 The Phoenix 02:37
8 When the Bridegroom Comes 04:14
9 The Donor 09:12

Release Notes

IR Catalog: IR-SCD16

Format: Hybrid CD/SACD Plays On All CD and SACD Players

UPC: 680270758506