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Joe Jackson "Summer In the City" 180G LP (SHIPPING NOW!)

Joe Jackson "Summer In the City" 180G LP (SHIPPING NOW!)

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Original Release Date: 2000
Original Label: Sony Classical

  • Remastered From High-Res Masters  By Kevin Gray At CoHEARent Audio
  • Double LP Set, Ultra-Quiet 180-Gram Vinyl Pressed At Gotta Groove Records
  • Beautiful Old-Style "Tip-On" Jacket Printed By Stoughton
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"If ever an album deserved a premium vinyl release, this is it, and Intervention has done it, and us, proud." (January 6, 2018)

– Roy Gregory

"I put on side 3 and was sitting in a club in New York, entranced as Jackson played and sang ... An essential purchase for Joe Jackson fans." (December 1, 2017)

– Joe Taylor

First Time on Vinyl!

Amazing Repertoire Featuring Joe's Classics & Riveting Covers!

Intervention Records is thrilled to bring Joe Jackson’s Summer in the City Live in New York to vinyl for the very first time! Previously available only on CD, Summer in the City joins IR’s wildly successful vinyl reissues of Jackson’s early New Wave classics Look Sharp!, I’m the Man and Night and Day.

Summer in the City’s repertoire is an amazing bridge that spans the greatest hits of Jackson’s early canon with stunning new arrangements and covers of other great songwriters. Jackson classics like “Fools in Love,” “You Can’t Get What You Want” and “It’s Different for Girls” meet with covers as diverse as Duke Ellington’s “Mood Indigo,” The Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby” and Steely Dan’s “King of the World.”

“Summer in the City” was remastered to vinyl and simultaneously to DSD by Kevin Gray at CoHEARent Audio from newly-compiled high-res PCM master files. “Summer in the City” was originally recorded live in New York City in August of 1999 by Steve Remote and Co-Producer Sheldon Steiger. Sony’s archivists and Battery Studios’ Mike Piacentini compiled new high-res digital master files from the original DATs with the final mixes, and IR consulted with Remote and Steiger on key aspects of the recording to ensure the best possible source files were used. The result is an absolute sonic stunner, a thoroughly immersive trip back in time to that August night in New York, brought to vibrant new life on vinyl and this AMAZING CD/SACD!

Side 1
1 Summer in the City 01:46
2 Obvious Song 04:24
3 Another World 05:02
Side 2
1 Fools in Love/For Your Love 06:36
2 Mood Indigo 04:24
3 The In Crowd/Down to London 07:25
Side 3
1 Eleanor Rigby 03:12
2 Be My number Two 03:22
3 Home Town 03:58
4 It's Different For Girls 04:01
Side 4
1 King of the World 03:45
2 You Can't Get What You Want 03:50
3 One More Time 03:34

Release Notes

Format: 180 Gram Double 33s Pressed at RTI

Jacket: Old-Style, "Tip-On" Gatefold Printed By Stoughton on Heavy Stock & Film-Laminated

IR Catalog: IR-018

UPC:: 707129301420