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The Flying Burrito Bros - Burrito Supreme Double 180G LP Bundle (SHIPPING NOW!)

The Flying Burrito Bros - Burrito Supreme Double 180G LP Bundle (SHIPPING NOW!)

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  • 100% Analog Mastering From Real Analog Tapes!
  • Mastered By Kevin Gray At CoHEARent Audio
  • Ultra-Quiet 180-Gram Vinyl Pressed At Gotta Groove and RTI
  • Beautifully Restored Jacket Art Printed by Stoughton
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"… this record has never sounded this well balanced … A reader asked if I’d assembled a “100 essential albums” list. I haven’t but when I do, this will be on it ..." (May 3, 2017)

- Michael Fremer

Gilded Palace: Rolling Stone's 100 Best Debut Albums of All Time

Burrito Deluxe: "This is a skillful, lightweight folk-rock blend, enlivening the tempos and themes of the country music whose usages it honors." -Robert Christgau

Are these the albums that made country cool? Former Byrds Gram Parsons and Chris Hillman picked up where they left off with Sweetheart of the Rodeo. While Parsons had already pushed rock in a country direction during his brief stint with The Byrds and The International Submarine Band, The Gilded Palace of Sin and Burrito Deluxe are why the Burritos are widely viewed as the inventors of country rock. Indeed with on these two albums, Hillman and Parsons carved a substantial place in music history as one of the most influential albums and bands of all time.

The original LP art is restored by IR’s Tom Vadakan and the old-style, “tip-on, brown-in” LP jackets are printed by Stoughton.