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Matthew Sweet "Girlfriend" Expanded Edition 180G LP (OUT OF STOCK)

Matthew Sweet "Girlfriend" Expanded Edition 180G LP (OUT OF STOCK)

    • 100% Analog Mastering FROM THE ORIGINAL MASTER TAPES!
    • Artist-Approved 2X LP Expanded Edition
    • 6 Bonus Tracks Not Included On Original Vinyl Release
    • Mastering By Ryan K. Smith at Sterling Sound
    • Ultra-Quiet 180-Gram Vinyl Pressed At GOTTA GROOVE
    • Beautifully Restored "Old Style" Gatefold Jacket Printed By Stoughton
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    "Matthew Sweet's third album is a remarkable artistic breakthrough ... thanks to his exceptional songwriting, the album is a fresh, original interpretation of a classic sound." - Stephen Thomas Erlewine,

    "... the holy grail of power pop." -Tiny Mix Tapes

    This is the vinyl release Matthew Sweet’s 1991 classic has always deserved and the best Girlfriend you’ll ever have … Matthew Sweet’s essential 1991 power-pop tour-de-force gets its analog due on Intervention’s Expanded Edition 180-Gram Double-LP release!

    Girlfriend’s original 1991 LP release was a single LP that simply excised the last three songs that were included on the original 15-track CD release. Those three tracks were a tremendous loss as the song’s final, elegiac track “Nothing Lasts” was considered as the title track.

    Intervention’s amazing Double LP Expanded Edition restores the original 15-song repertoire to three vinyl sides for maximum bass and dynamics. Side D includes three demo tracks- “Good Friend,” “Superdeformed” and “Teenage Female.”

    Girlfriend’s album art was lovingly restored by Intervention’s Art Director Tom Vadakan, and printed as a gorgeous “Old Style” gatefold by Stoughton printing in LA. It’s printed on heavy stock and film-laminated for superior color depth, beauty and durability. The center labels were printed by Dorado.

    Side A
    1 Divine Intervention 05:37
    2 I've Been Waiting 03:36
    3 Girlfriend 03:40
    4 Looking At The Sun 04:16
    5 Winona 04:59
    Side B
    1 Evangeline 04:45
    2 Day For Night 02:55
    3 Thought I Knew You 02:57
    4 You Don't Love Me 05:21
    Side C
    1 Don't Go 03:24
    2 Your Sweet Voice 03:54
    3 Does She Talk? 03:27
    4 Holy War 03:25
    5 Nothing Lasts 03:33
    Side D Bonus Tracks
    1 Good Friend (Demo) 03:36
    2 Superdeformed (Demo) 04:09
    3 Teenage Female (Demo) 03:54

    Release Notes

    Format: 2x 180-Gram 33-RPM LPs

    IR Catalog: IR-021

    UPC: 707129301451

    Jacket: "Old Style" Gatefold Printed at Stoughton on Heavy Stock, Film Laminated