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Joe Jackson "Look Sharp!" 180G LP (OUT OF STOCK)

Joe Jackson "Look Sharp!" 180G LP (OUT OF STOCK)

Original Release Date: 1979

Original Label: A&M

  • 100% Analog Mastering From Real Analog Tapes!
  • Mastered by Kevin Gray At Cohearent Audio
  • Dead Quiet 180-Gram Vinyl Pressed At RTI
  • "SHARP" Looking Old Style Jacket Printed By Stoughton
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"... you'll love the reissue, which offers sharper, cleaner transients, improved transparency and focus and greater dynamics. It preserves a pulsing energy the original softens and diminishes." (July 26, 2017)

– Michael Fremer

"Joe Jackson has long deserved his day in the hi-fi sun; now it's here -- and how." (September 28, 2016)

– Roy Gregory

100 Best Debut Albums of All Time- Rolling Stone

Smash Hits "Is She Really Going Out With Him," "One More Time," "Sunday Papers"

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Look Sharp! is sourced from the best tape currently available, a beautifully preserved ½” “safety copy” of the original stereo master. When mastering this LP we compared what we were getting off the tape to an original A&M UK LP. While great sounding overall, the original LP is of course a very edgy sounding New Wave, post-punk record with a brashness that borders on being outright bright sounding. Where the aggressive top -end energy is concerned, the tapes showed no discernible age! We were able to maintain that grungy edge, but also restore the driving bass lines and bottom-end foundation that were on these tapes. The result is the best-sounding Look Sharp! anyone’s ever heard, with all the drive and pop of the original UK release, but with superb tonal balance, imaging and clarity. The definitive issue of this iconic New Wave classic!

Side One
1 One More Time 03:15
2 Sunday Papers 04:18
3 Is She Really Going Out With Him? 03:33
4 Happy Loving Couples 03:07
5 Throw It Away 02:48
Side Two
1 Baby Stick Around 02:35
2 Look Sharp 03:22
3 Fools In Love 03:10
4 (Do The) Instant Mash 03:10
5 Pretty Girls 02:54
6 Got The Time 02:52

Release Notes

Format: 180-Gram Single 33 Pressed at RTI

Jacket: Old-Style Single Jacket Printed by Stoughton

IR Catalog: IR-005

UPC: 684334915584